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Education and health

Education and health

Education and health are critical to improving livelihoods, enabling poor people to participate in the economy and lifting living standards.

In our region, many young people are leaving school without the skills they need to get a job and participate fully in society. Women, girls and people with a disability are particularly disadvantaged by poor quality and inadequate education services. Australia is supporting changes to education systems and policies in order to deliver better services in our region.

For further information on how Australia is supporting the improvement of education outcomes in our partner countries, see:

Through Australia's aid program we invest in health–particularly health systems–so that women, men and children can achieve better health and live healthy and productive lives. Health challenges in the region include the dual burden of rising rates of non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and strokes, while infectious diseases continue to be major health problems. Inadequate hygiene and access to safe drinking water and sanitation compound these health problems. Trans-boundary health challenges, such as emerging drug resistance to infectious diseases, are significant threats to economic growth and health security. Australia's investments are helping to strengthen health systems and policies to deliver better health in our region.

For further information on how Australia is investing in improved health outcomes for citizens of our partner countries, see:

Last Updated: 30 September 2015
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