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Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security

Established in 2017, the Australian Government's Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security leads Australia's investments in health security in our region and globally, by providing technical expertise, programmatic oversight and advice.

The Centre is part of the Global Health Division in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It is headed by the Ambassador for Global Health, who leads Australia's engagement in international forums, works closely with our region to support governments and communities achieve their health priorities, and advances Australia's interests in the global health system.

The Centre played a central role in supporting Australia's regional COVID-19 response, including implementing Australia's COVID-19 vaccine access support, with funding of $623 million to mid-2023. Australia provided more than 52 million COVID-19 vaccines to partner countries, along with support for national roll-outs.

In response to our region’s health needs, the Australian Government has launched a five-year $620 million Partnerships for a Healthy region (PHR) initiative.

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