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Australia Assists Annual Report 2022-2023

Summary of publication

In its sixth year (FY23), Australia Assists continued to deliver on its primary mission to deploy highly skilled humanitarian technical specialists to help alleviate human suffering across the world. In line with the wider humanitarian landscape, the year saw an increase in demand for deployees due to sudden onset events in Vanuatu, Syria and Türkiye overlayed with protracted and escalating need and ongoing crises across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Australia Assists at a Glance

Program statistics

  • There were 116 deployments to 29 Program partners in 37 countries across the Pacific, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe, representing an average of 2.2 deployments per week.
  • Deployment months totalled 638, continuing an upward year-on-year trajectory with a 12 per cent increase on last year. The average deployment duration was 10.7 months (including extensions).
  • 49 per cent of deployments and 53 per cent of deployment months were undertaken by deployees identifying as female. Of the total deployment cohort:
    • 15 nationalities were represented, including Australian
    • 11 deployed to their home country
    • 15 deployed within their region
    • 25 were targeted gender, disability or localisation specialists
    • 46 was the median deployment age
    • 9 were supported to take a dependent.

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