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Annex B 6.4: Statistical Measurement of the Green Economy

Area of Cooperation

Engagements and Partnerships


Consistent and comprehensive data sources are a public good and necessary to help our governments, businesses, and communities identify and seize new opportunities and effectively manage the risks and costs from the transition of our economies to net zero.


We will cooperate through a technical working group (formed on 27 April 2022) to learn from each other's good practices, and make a valuable contribution regionally and internationally, in the emerging areas of environmental-economic measures, while enhancing our understanding of the value of decarbonisation and sustainable development to our economies. 


Specific Objectives

To meet regularly through the technical working group to:

  • discuss approaches to the collection and compilation of the environmental-economic data needed to measure the green economy; and
  • share experiences in the use of environmental-economic data for green economy policy decisions and reporting requirements, with the aim of improving coordination across our government agencies.

To provide statistical leadership in the measurement of the green economy by example and/or in the international fora.


Commenced in April 2022


Expected outcomes

  • Strengthened bilateral cooperation in the use of environmental-economic data in policy making
  • Enhanced understanding of the green economy transition.

Lead Agencies


Singapore's Department of Statistics


Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water
The Australian Bureau of Statistics

Other government agencies, as required. 

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