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Annex B 6.3: Fostering Cooperation on Ecolabelling and Related Sustainability Schemes

Area of Cooperation

Engagements and Partnerships


To create trusted certification schemes to instil confidence across a range of product categories, reducing the likelihood of greenwashing while helping to drive consumer and business demand for low-carbon, sustainable, and resource efficient goods and services, necessary for our transition to net-zero economies.


Singapore and Australia will exchange information on government environmental sustainability policies and programs related to ecolabels and introduce contacts within leading ecolabelling organisations and related sustainability schemes operating in our countries to each other.

Specific Objectives

Singapore and Australia will facilitate bilateral discussions between key government stakeholders at six-monthly (or as deemed necessary) intervals. Increased dialogue may identify potential partnerships between leading ecolabelling and related sustainability schemes operating in our countries to promote global best practices and standards; upskill capabilities in ecolabelling; and facilitate the uptake of environmentally sustainable procurement practices.


Commenced in August 2022

Project Leads


Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment


Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

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