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Annex B 1.4: Trade Facilitation - Digital Verification Platform (DVP)

Area of Cooperation

Trade and Investment


The aim of the DVP project is to work with Singapore to identify and implement use-cases where there is value in sharing claims (including trade documents) that need to be verified. The DVP was developed by the Australian Border Force (ABF).

ABF, the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA), and Singapore Customs, along with industry participants, concluded a trial in 2020 to prove trade documents can be issued and verified digitally across two independent national systems. The trial successfully tested the interoperability of the DVP and IMDA's TradeTrust reference implementation, using Certificates of Origin as the pilot use-case.


The DVP supports steps towards a paperless trade environment by enabling high-integrity verifiable digital documents to be shared between parties operating in international trade that may not have an existing trust relationship.

  • Specific Objectives Demonstrate that the DVP's TradeTrust-enabled verifiable credentials framework can create trust in digital documents issued in/by another country.
  • Demonstrate that identity authenticated through TradeTrust-enabled verifiable credentials can create trust in that identity in other countries.
  • Demonstrate that the DVP enables trusted data to be reliably shared between unrelated parties operating in the international supply chain.


  • Ongoing

Expected outcomes

  • Number of viable use-cases implemented in DVP
  • Number of documents shared through use-cases implemented in DVP

Project Leads


Singapore lead(s) determined by the use-case.


Australian Border Force (with Department of Home Affairs).

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