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Annex B 1.6: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Area of Cooperation

Trade and Investment

Purpose and Outcomes

Singapore and Australia will collaborate on ideas and initiatives that accelerate continued transition to best practice sustainable agri-food systems with the aim of addressing global food security concerns, limiting the effects of climate change and reducing the impact of agri-food systems on the environment.


Singapore and Australia will engage in dialogue and cooperative activities that promote trade and investment as essential elements to building sustainable and resilient agri-food systems. We will cooperate in broader regional and global contexts in ways that support and advance the below principles. 


Singapore and Australia have adopted the following principles as a basis for cooperation on sustainable agri-food systems:

  • Formulating and promoting policies that support food security;
  • Supporting investment in sustainable agricultural practices and food systems that contribute to environmental stewardship, productivity and resilience;
  • Strengthening internationally-recognised best practices for making transparent, evidence-based claims about the sustainability of agricultural and food products; 
  • Avoiding unjustified restrictions and excessive compliance measures and costs when implementing sustainability-related agri-food measures;
  • Implementing practices and policies that assist our respective agri-food systems to adapt to a changing climate and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions reduction; and
  • Commitment to the multilateral trading system including risk, science, and evidence-based regulation and decision making in the continued transition towards sustainable agri-food systems.


Commenced in August 2022

Governance and Engagement Process

Singapore and Australia will pursue further cooperation, including by elaborating on the principles outlined above. Where relevant, these engagements will be facilitated through the Supply Chain Working Group (SCWG) initiative agreed to by Singapore's and Australia's Foreign Ministers on 6 July 2022. For matters not covered by the SCWG, Singapore and Australia will determine alternative governance mechanisms as necessary.

Project Leads


Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Singapore Food Agency


Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water
Department of Industry, Science and Resources

Consultation with other relevant government agencies.

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