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Australia Korea Foundation Strategic Plan 2020-2025


Our Context

The AKF is the Government’s key public diplomacy program for strengthening the Australia-Korea relationship. We have many shared interests which creates opportunities to work together for our mutual benefit. Australia competes for attention with the rest of the world in Korea, so much of AKF’s efforts are directed towards increasing Australia’s prominence and building the capacity of Australians to establish and maintain enduring links with Korean counterparts. We seek to strengthen the Australia-Korea relationship in ways that enhance mutual understanding and people-to-people links.

Our Operating Environment

The Australian Government has identified Korea as one of our top tier relationships. We are a non-statutory advisory board of six members (and one ex-officio) appointed by the Australian Government for our expertise and skills. We are supported by a Secretariat from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. We are a committed Board who: take every opportunity to advocate and raise awareness of social and economic opportunities in Australia and Korea are willing  to share our knowledge, ideas and networks to deepen the Australia-Korea relationship find ways to encourage others to understand why we should deepen our people-to-people links.

An Order constituting the foundation supports the Governor General and Australian Government to empower us to deliver:

  • Our vision - Australia and Korea understand the importance and mutual benefits of the bilateral relationship.
  • Our mission - To strengthen the Australia-Korea relationship in ways that enhance mutual understanding and people to people links.

Key Priorities

We focus on:

  • Cross cultural collaborations
  • Trade and commerce relationships
  • Technological, scientific  and education innovation
  • Strategic international relations


Our work aims to:

  • Advance cultural and social research, dialogue and exchange in areas that improve the understanding of, or directly impact on, the bilateral relationship, including in a regional context.
  • Encourage productive Australia-Korea partnerships on contemporary and emerging areas such as trade and investment, the environment, ageing and social change, gender and multiculturalism, innovation, technology and education.
  • Create and develop robust professional, community and institutional linkages between Australia and Korea which enhance mutual understanding, friendship and goodwill and project a well-informed and contemporary image of Australia in Korea.
  • Foster cooperation in Australia and Korea on research and development opportunities in areas of current and future mutual interest.
  • Generate public awareness of Australia and Korea’s shared responsibility for promoting stability and progress in the region and globally as middle powers and the mutual importance and complementary nature of the Australia-Korea relationship.


How we will achieve this:

  • Create and strengthen networks, contacts, partnerships and institutional linkages
  • Capitalise on partnerships which increase value of activities
  • Provide seed funding for activities in partnership with other organisations
  • Facilitate a broad geographic spread of activities
  • Promote complementarities with other institutions and programs active in Australia-Korea relations
  • Increase knowledge and recognition in Korea of Australian excellence, expertise and innovation
  • Support Australian studies in Korea and Korean studies in Australia
  • Develop flagship projects led by Board members
  • Increase public awareness of AKF work through social media

Our future

  • AKF’s sphere of influence is expanded by:
  • Having the right people apply for grants for the right reasons
  • Connecting to a sister organisation in the ROK
  • Maximising interactions with Korean Universities
  • Challenging and changing perceptions
  • Helping to bring about change in gender equality
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