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Assessment process for Australia-Korea Foundation grants

The Board of the Australia-Korea Foundation (AKF) will assess each application. Board members are treated as Commonwealth officials due to their role in the assessment process in accordance with Part 1, section 2.8 of the CGRGs and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act.

The AKF Secretariat, within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, will provide information and advice to the Board to assist its determination of policy and its assessment of grant applications.

The Board may seek additional input from relevant Australian missions overseas. They may also seek additional information from other Commonwealth agencies, even if the sources are not nominated by you as referees. The Board may also consider information about you or your application that is available through the normal course of business.

If the selection process identifies unintentional errors in your application, you may be contacted to correct or explain the information.

While an application may meet the assessment criteria, a grant is not guaranteed.

Who will approve grants?

The assessment committee will make recommendations to the First Assistant Secretary, Geostrategy and Partnerships Division, or his/her delegate within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The delegate will make the final decision to approve a grant.

The delegate's decision is final in all matters, including:

  • the approval of the grant.
  • the grant funding amount to be awarded.

The delegate will not approve funding if they reasonably consider the program funding available will not accommodate the funding offer, and/or the application does not represent value for money.

The AKF reserves the right to offer less funding than that sought by the applicant.

There is no appeal mechanism for decisions to approve or not approve a grant.

Notification of application outcomes

You will be advised of the outcomes of your application in writing, following a decision by the delegate. If you are successful, you will also be advised about any specific conditions attached to the grant.

If you are unsuccessful, you may submit a new application for the same project (or a similar project) in any future grant opportunity rounds. You may wish to include new or more information to address any weaknesses that may have prevented your previous application from being successful.

You may ask for feedback from the AKF within one month of being advised of the outcome. The AKF will give verbal feedback within one month of feedback being requested.

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