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Australia-Korea Foundation Grants

2023-24 Grant Round

The Australia-Korea Foundation 2023-2024 Grant Round is now closed. Follow our Facebook page for more updates.


The objectives of the Australian-Korea Foundation (AKF) are to:

  • increase public awareness of Australia in Korea, and of Korea in Australia, and the importance of the bilateral relationship.
  • develop partnerships in areas of shared interest in the bilateral, regional and global context.
  • increase Australians' capacity to effectively engage with Korea.

Key priority areas

  • Strategic international relations.
  • Trade and commerce relationships.
  • Cross cultural collaborations.
  • Technological, scientific and education innovation.

Frequency of grant rounds

Generally, the AKF will conduct one major grant round each financial year, advertised on the AKF website and Facebook page. If further funding becomes available, a subsequent 'inter-sessional' grant round may be held within the financial year.

2023 grant guidelines

Australia-Korea Foundation 2023 Guidelines [DOCX 150 KB]

Australia-Korea Foundation 2023 Guidelines [PDF 380 KB]

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