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How to apply for Australia-Korea Foundation grants

The reopened 2023-2024 Grant Round can be accessed on SmartyGrants.

All applicants will be required to complete the AKF online application form in full and provide all mandatory requested documentation. Applications and supporting documentation must be in English. Any application that does not meet these minimum requirements will be deemed ineligible.

Applications must be received by the deadline specified in the advertisement of the grants round. The AKF has no obligation to consider applications received after the specified submission period.

Applications must be submitted using the AKF online funding application form through SmartyGrants. Applications sent by email or other means will not be accepted.

Preparing your application

Please ensure you have:

  • Completed all mandatory fields on the application form.
  • Attached two references that demonstrate an established record of achievement in the development and management of projects relevant to the proposed area of endeavour. Where possible, referees should comment on:
    • their relationship to the applicant;
    • their involvement or interest, if any, in the project;
    • the project's objectives and the strategies to achieve them; and
    • the applicant's ability to complete the project and to administer project funds.
  • Clearly demonstrated how your proposal meets the objectives of the AKF.
  • Made adequate provision for all likely expenses. The AKF will not normally consider requests for supplementary funding.

Applicants should be aware that AKF Board members may not be familiar with individuals or organisations or the field of proposed activity. As the AKF Board's decision will be based on the information provided, applicants should ensure all information provided is accurate, clear and comprehensive.

Questions during the application process

If you have any questions during the application period, please contact the Australia-Korea Foundation Secretariat, (02) 6261 3869, The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade undertakes to respond to emailed questions within five working days. Answers to questions may be posted on the Grants and funding page.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicants

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicants may wish to access assistance in submitting an application where English is not their first language.

For assistance please contact:

Office of the Register of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC)

Telephone: 1800 622 431


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