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Australia-Korea Foundation 2021-2022 grant recipients

Grantee Project Title Funding
University of Newcastle An Incubator for Global Start-ups in Australia and Korea. $20,000
The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (Randwick and Westmead) (incorporating The Royal Alexandra Hospital For Children) SCHP Korea Paediatric Webinar and Roadshow Series. $20,000
SCHP Korea Paediatric Webinar and Roadshow Series Basketball ID Program $30,000
Australian Art Orchestra Creative Music Intensive 2021 $9,000
Restless Dance Theatre Inc A further week of creative development of "Correlation" in Seoul $15,000
The Asia Foundation Australia, Republic of Korea and United States Trilateral Dialogue $20,000
University of South Australia Australia-Korea Cross-Cultural Symposium: Access, Inclusion, and Innovation in Disability Employment $35,000
University of South Australia Innovating English Language Learning in South Korean secondary school classrooms $20,500
Ripper Corporation Australia-Korea Drone Search and Rescue Beach Service Korea Program $40,000
University of South Australia Invisible Walls: Poetry as a Doorway to Intercultural Understanding $55,000
Miss Namsuk (known as Lark) Lee Completing feature film 'Street No. 4' pitch package & marketing $17,000
Griffith University Collaboration on Artificial Intelligence with KARI and Soletop $25,000
The University of New South Wales History for Architecture: Examining Alec Tzannes and Doojing Hwang works. $30,000
Ms Munjung Jung Jaedon Shin: Double Moon (Working Title) $4,000
The University of New South Wales Enhanced remote collaboration between Australian and Korean creative practitioners $45,000
The University of Queensland UQ-KoreaUniversity: Promoting Cyber Security Sector Diversity and Bilateral Interdisciplinary Research $45,000
Cinema Reborn Film Festival Cinema Reborn 2023-24: Im Kwon-taek / KoFA Showcase $20,000
Monash University The 12th Korean Studies Association of Australasia 2021 Biennial Conference $10,000
Australian National University Korea-Australia Tax Symposium $15,000
The University of New South Wales Determination of the stability of microtunnel opening in lunar regolith $21,000
Central Queensland University Voices from Australian Families of Unsung Heroes in the Korean-War $8,000
Naturale Development of natural milk and dairy foods containing functional nutrients $20,000
The University of Western Australia Computational Creativity to Cross Cultural Frontiers $40,000
Australia-Korea Business Council If you can see it, you can be it $30,000
Art Gallery of WA AGWA's Asian Institute of Contemporary Art - Korean Artist Focus $80,000
University of Sydney Inhaled phage-antibiotic therapy for combating respiratory infections caused by superbugs $20,000
University of South Australia Connect2Abilities: Creating Australia-Korea People-to-People Connections in Art & Technology $30,000
Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology Do Beliefs, Experiences and Literacy Influence Medicines Use? $14,000
Deakin University Satellite communications research platform for enhancing future Australian Korean communities $20,000
Melbourne City Council Melbourne and Jeonju Creative Exchange Project with Children $25,000
Powerhouse Museum Five Hundred Arhats Luna New Year and Buddha Day celebrations $20,000
University of Sydney Education exchange and cross-cultural capital in context of COVID-19 $46,689
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