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Grants and funding

Project examples for 2017-2018 grants round

As identified in the Australia-Korea Foundation Strategic Plan 2016-19, the Australia-Korea Foundation supports projects that promote people-to-people links between Australia and Korea within the parameters of its four long-term priority areas. In order to enhance the relevance and diversity of AKF grant applications, achieve a better balance across the four priority areas, amongst all states and territories, some project ideas are provided below under each priority area as examples to guide grant applicants with preparing their applications. Please note that these ideas are given as examples only and other innovation applications in all priority areas are encouraged.

    Building Cultural Understanding

  1. to promote creative sectors including supporting tours to Korea by ballet groups, symphony orchestra, children's theatre etc.;
  2. to promote Australian Indigenous culture and contemporary Australian literature, music and design; and

    Reciprocal Australian and Korean Studies

  3. to enhance alumni engagement in Korea, especially through the Alumni Ambassador in Korea;
  4. to promote collaboration in STEAM education between Australian and Korean schools;

    Technological and Scientific Innovation

  5. to showcase development in the robotics space in Korea at both the 2017 World Science Festival and at Robotronica (a major Robotics festival) in Brisbane;
  6. to profile Korea's excellence in recycling and e-waste processing in Australia;
  7. to share experiences and skills in regulatory quality and standards setting, with particular regard to new and developing technologies (mapping, driverless cars, big data and the internet of things).

    Trade Diplomacy and Geopolitics

  8. to exchange tourism management skills between Tasmania and Jeju Island;
  9. to support Queensland implementing the Queensland Asia Tourism Strategy 2016-2025;
  10. to promote a greater understanding in the ROK of the strategic role both countries are able to play in addressing the geopolitical issues in the Indo-Pacific, including in response to the ongoing provocations by the DPRK; and other tensions in the region in which both the ROK and Australia have a shared interest being resolved in a peaceful manner;
  11. to promote a reciprocal understanding in the ROK and Australia of inclusion and respect for individual rights, transparency and right for citizens to assemble; supporting Australia's global work on abolishing the death penalty; and promoting gender equality;
Last Updated: 21 November 2016
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