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Meet our 2019 grantees

Soft Power: Using sports diplomacy to score business outcomes

Sector: Sport

Country location: Australia

Grantee: Australia-Korea Business Council

Soft power, using sports diplomacy to score business outcomes
Australia/Korea sports diplomacy. Credit: AKBC

Project description

The project involves hosting an Australia-Korea sports diplomacy policy roundtable in Canberra, followed by two business and industry focussed seminars in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane to explore sports diplomacy and its potential to advance our bilateral relationship. To date, commercial partnerships and competition between our two countries in sports such as golf, tennis, soccer, baseball and e-sports has played a critical role in bringing us closer together, but can more be done?

Key dates

Sports diplomacy seminar, Sydney, 01 June 2020

Sports diplomacy seminar, Melbourne or Brisbane, 15 June 2020

Sports diplomacy roundtable, Canberra, 04 May 2020

Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Council/,,

Australia-Korea Foundation grant offer: $27,000.00

Contact person

Liz Griffin, Australia-Korea Business Council 0425201666

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