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Meet our 2019 grantees

Flower a Korean/Australian Theatre work presented by ArtsCentreMelbourne with ASIATOPA2020

Sector: Arts and Culture

Country location: Australia, Republic of Korea

Grantee: Insite Arts International

Girls on a stage with props
Flower rehearsal photo. Credit: Sam Roberts

Project description

"The year I became a mother, I encountered a flower in a snowfield. My 9-month old baby, who didn't even say 'Mama', burst out the word 'Flower 꽃' with his small mouth. How wonderful is it to say 'Flower 꽃' with all his energy…"

The hope, beauty and unique perfection of a FLOWER 꽃ƒ symbolises a baby's developing sense of self. Whilst FLOWER 꽃 can also represent their parent, and the delicate, intangible energy between them. A cross-cultural performance for audiences aged 4 – 18 months, FLOWER 꽃 celebrates the complete 'being-ness' of each baby, over-turning ideas about a baby entering the world as a blank slate and offering the view that parents have as much to learn and gain from their baby as their baby learns and gains from them.

Key dates

Opening Night/Day, Melbourne, 11 February 2020 to 12 February 2020

Social media: Web, FB, Instagram, YT

Australia-Korea Foundation grant offer: $12,000.00

Contact person

Jason Cross - Insite Arts International 0421502576

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