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Meet our 2019 grantees

Connect2Abilities: Creating Australia-Korea People-to-People Connections in Disability Arts

Sector: Arts and Culture

Country location: Australia, Republic of Korea

Grantee: University of South Australia

Group of people playing with string
No strings attached workshop. Credit: Connect2Abilities

Project description

Connect2Abilities has inclusion and involvement of people with disabilities at its heart. Hosted by the Korea Disability Arts and Culture Centre in Seoul in April 2020, Connect2Abilities will comprise an Inclusive Performing Arts Collaborative Symposium, two Workshops delivered by two of Australia's leading disability arts companies: Restless Dance Theatre and No Strings Attached, and a suite of Networking Events. The Connect2Abilities will develop cultural engagement with disability arts practitioners, academics, and policymakers from Australia and Korea to boost social, artistic and economic capabilities, build connections and networks, exchange knowledge and skills, and foster cross-cultural understandings of disability arts. Connect2Abilities will allow the growing number of emerging artists with disabilities in Korea to access capacity and skill-building opportunities and to develop global networks as well as allowing the established arts companies from Australia to learn from the experiences in Korea. Connect2Abilities will provide a roadmap for performers and arts companies alike to find a place on national and international stages through not only experiences shared by two of Australia's leading companies, but also through the production and promulgation of a best practice 'how to guide' on disability arts. Connect2Abilities will pave the way for future collaborations and long-term Australia-Korea partnerships.

Key dates

Symposium, Korea Disability Arts & Culture Centre, Seoul, 20 April 2020

Workshops, Korea Disability Arts & Culture Centre, Seoul, 21 - 22 April 2020

Networking Events, Korea Disability Arts & Culture Centre, Seoul, 23 - 24 April 2020

Social media:

Australia-Korea Foundation grant offer: $33,000.00

Contact person

Dr Boram Lee, Senior Lecturer - University of South Australia +61433808382

Last Updated: 16 August 2019
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