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Meet our 2019 grantees

ANU Korea Update 2019

Sector: Education

Country location: Australia

Grantee: The Australian National University

UK and Korean flags
Korea update. Credit: Roald Maliangkay

Project description

The Korea Update is ANU's flagship annual conference on Korea. This one-day public event in the national capital brings together key representatives from the academic and policy-making communities to discuss current social, political, economic, and security issues related to Korea. Hosted by the ANU Korea Institute, it builds on a highly successful platform inaugurated in 2005. The theme of the 2019 Korea Update is Turning Corners. It will focus on diplomatic developments, including pertinent Korean affairs that affect trade and diplomacy. Recent developments have opened opportunities for reconciliation but may close again without warning. Considering support for the ruling party is key to avoiding an impasse in resolving long-reigning tensions in the region, what is President Moon's position regarding the interests of major powers, and what exactly are they? And what is the role Australia can and should play?

Key dates

Korea Update, Hedley Bull Theatre 1, 20 September 2019

Social media:

Australia-Korea Foundation grant offer: $15,000.00

Contact person

Roald Maliangkay, Director, ANU Korea Institute - The Australian National University 422920211

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