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Meet our 2019 grantees

2019 Seoul International Food Film Festival “Taste of Australia”

Sector: Building Cultural Understanding / Society and Culture

Country location: Republic of Korea

Grantee: Seoul International Food Film Festival

People dining and viewing screens
Introducing the chef of dim sum served for Dining Cinema at ARTNINE Terrace on October 27th 2019. Credit: PARK Je-young.

Project description

Everybody loves film and food. When the two are combined, it draws more attention and the impact gets bigger. Seoul International Food Film Festival (SIFFF) has been providing easier access to delightful and multisensory food and film experience since 2015. Celebrating the fifth edition in 2019, SIFFF presents "Taste of Australia," a special program dedicated to Australia. Seven Australian feature films portraying Australian food culture and related issues will be screened, and four Australian guests will be invited to participate in the festival including "Australian Night" party, guest talk shows titled "Delicious Talk" and a forum on sustainability issues. For "Dining Cinema," SIFFF's signature sell-out program, where the audience can enjoy food they see in the film, two Australian films will meet be featured. SIFFF's "Taste of Australia" will be the one-stop destination for anyone who is interested in either film, food, travel or Australia. The 2019 SIFF will run from September 6th to 11th at Seoul Namsan Gukakdang and Daehan Cinema in the center of Seoul.

Key dates

Pre-festival Event and Conference, Seoul 02 August 2019

Opening Ceremony, Seoul 06 September 2019

Australian Night Party, Seoul 06 September 2019

Dining Cinema - Dinner, Seoul 07 September 2019

Dining Cinema - BBQ, Seoul 10 September 2019

Forum on Sustainability, Seoul 08 September 2019

Delicious Talk - Food Fighter, Seoul 07 September 2019

Delicious Talk - Monsieur Mayonnaise, Seoul 07 September 2019

Delicious Talk - Make Hummus Not War, Seoul 07 September 2019

Delicious Talk - Coffee Man, Seoul 08 September 2019

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Australia-Korea Foundation grant offer: $25,000.00

Contact person

Seoul International Food Film Festival

Programmer - Seoul International Food Film Festival 82-70-5102-7931

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