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Child Protection Policy 2017


Summary of publication

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Child Protection Policy 2017 provides a risk-based approach to the management of child protection risks in the delivery of DFAT business. DFAT recognises that it is the shared responsibility of all adults to prevent child exploitation and abuse.

The Policy applies to all DFAT funded partners that receive funding; including contractors and civil society organisations funded by DFAT including individual contractors, partners or organisations subcontracted by DFAT funded contractors or civil society organisations, personnel of DFAT-funded contractors and civil society organisations, Australian Volunteers for International Development Program participants and partners.

Information on the child protection policy and the child protection minimum standards are outlined in the Child Protection Policy 2017. Queries about the Policy should be directed to or call +61 2 6178 5100.

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy [DOCX 460 KB] | [PDF 1 MB]

Child Incident Notification Form

Child Incident Notification Form [DOCX 57 KB] | [PDF 62 KB]

DFAT Child Protection Guidance Notes

Establishing Child Protection Risk Context [DOCX 511 KB] | [PDF 578 KB]

Child Protection in Emergencies [DOCX 408 KB] / [PDF 299 KB]

Criminal Record Checks (DFAT Partner Organisations) [DOCX 455 KB] | [PDF 365 KB]

Education Programs [DOCX 423 KB] | [PDF 301 KB]

Extractive Industries [PDF 431 KB] | [PDF 328 KB]

Health Activities [DOCX 423 KB] | [PDF 301 KB]

Infrastructure Activities [DOCX 429 KB] | [PDF 320 KB]

Monitoring and Evaluation [DOCX 429 KB] | [PDF 297 KB]

Private Sector Activities [DOCX 422 KB] | [PDF 302 KB]

Recruitment and Screening [DOCX 410 KB] | [PDF 313 KB]

Reporting and notifications [DOCX 432 KB] | [PDF 319 KB]

Social Media and Use of Images [DOCX 422 KB] | [PDF 296 KB]

Violence Against Women Programs [DOCX 422 KB] | [PDF 297 KB]

Women's Economic Empowerment Programs [DOCX 408 KB] | [PDF 298 KB]

Last Updated: 23 July 2019
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