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Freedom of information

FOI disclosure log 2020

  • 1 Date that the FOI applicant was given access to a document under s11A.
  • 2 A short summary of the FOI access request.
  • 3 A short summary of the information provided under s11A.
FOI reference number Date of access1 FOI request2 Information published in the disclosure log3 Other information
LEX2857 24 December 2020

“Documents including correspondence and emails, created since 1 January 2020 to/from Former Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment the Hon. Simon Birmingham, that relate to:

a. The appointment of the Hon Tony Abbot AC as an adviser to the British Board of Trade; and/or

b. The engagement of the Hon Alexander Downer AC as a consultant to the Government of Gibraltar (excluding copies of media reports).”

Documents relating to the appointment of Tony Abbott to the UK Board of Trade [PDF 1.15 MB]  
LEX2856 24 December 2020

“Reports to Ministers and/or the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, including cablegrams, that relate to the visit of the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, the Hon Alexander Downer AC, to Gibraltar in December 2017.”

Cable regarding the visit of the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom to Gibraltar in 2017 [PDF 771 KB]  
LEX2914 22 December 2020

All documents (including, but not limited to, briefs and notes of discussion), correspondence and communications (including, but not limited to, emails, letters, text messages, iMessages and messages sent via online or encrypted messaging applications) held by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in relation to Senator Canavan’s comments that, “All we’re being asked to do is give up our access to cheap TVs" as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald on 7 November 2020.

This request excludes all duplicate documents.

Documents relating to Senator Canavan media comments [PDF 2.32 MB]  

2 December 2020

A copy of the Index of Briefs documents produced by the Department for their witnesses that appeared at the 24 September 2020 sitting of the COVID-19 Senate Select Committee.

This request excludes (a) the names of any non-Senior Executive Service officers (b) duplicate documents and (c) documents published on the department's website.

This request excludes all names and identifying information of stranded Australians and their families.

COVID-19 Senate Select Committee Index of Briefs [PDF 240 KB]  
LEX1461 30 November 2020

“Policies of guidance issued to decision makers in relation to the assessment of 'identity' for the purposes of ss8(b) and 44 of the Australian Passports Act 2005.”

Australian Passport Office policy documents on assessing identity [PDF 991 KB]  
LEX2417 30 November 2020

“We seek documents and correspondence between the Australian Ambassador to Japan, Richard Court or any staff representing the Ambassador, and Kerry Stokes AC or any staff or representatives of Kerry Stokes AC and Seven Group Holdings. The timeframe for this request is from 12 April 2017 to the present day.

Personal information about staff members and third parties can be redacted.”

Correspondence between the Australian Ambassador to Japan and Mr Kerry Stokes AC/Seven Group [PDF 917 KB]  
LEX2192 19 November 2020 The advice and proposed changes and emails from DFAT to the Victorian government concerning its agreement with China on the belt and road initiative Victoria-China BRI agreement  
LEX1923 28 August 2020

“This is a freedom of information request for all communication and documents regarding the market research conducted by Hall & Partners.

As outlined in this tender -

The FOI can be restricted to final documents prepared for the market research session, documents used in the session (such as powerpoints and list of questions asked), documents outlining the results o the market research and documents detailing any implementation or impact on policy or action as a result of the research.”

Smartraveller market research survey questions [PDF 1.07 MB]  
LEX1583 19 June 2020 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade cables sent from the Australian Embassy in Beijing to the Department in Canberra between 15 December 2019 and 31 January 2020 that provide reports on the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in China (excluding reporting specifically relating to consular matters and the repatriation of Australians from Wuhan and Hubei Province Cables regarding the coronavirus outbreak Dec19-Jan20  
LEX1054 28 April 2020

a) The contract between Palladium and DFAT for the PLF Program;

b) Terms of Reference for the Management Information Systems (“MIS”) scoping for the PLF Program; and

c) Copies of correspondence where DFAT has directed Palladium to go to open markets for the MIS and Monitoring & Evaluation roles for the PLF Program.

PLF Program and Palladium  
LEX578 24 April 2020 All reports and briefs within the department that deal with the issue of Chinese bases/stations in Antarctica that are within Australia's claim of the continent. Limit search to between January 2019 and September 2019. Chinese bases/stations in Antarctica [PDF 700 KB]  
LEX958 9 April 2020 All emails sent among DFAT staff between November 10-13 on the topic of the drafting and content of Minister Payne's most recent statement on Hong Kong, including draft versions of the statement. Drafting and content of November 14 statement on Hong Kong [PDF 1.5 MB]  
LEX829 29 January 2020 Any documents, correspondence, meeting notes or emails relating to a tweet or tweets sent by MP Tim Wilson on Sunday and Monday 6-7 October 2019. Here are the tweets:







MP Tim Wilson’s Tweets [PDF 165 KB]  
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