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Legal Services Expenditure

This is a statement of legal services expenditure published in accordance with paragraph 11.1(da) of the Legal Services Directions 2017, which requires that by 30 October each year, agencies make publicly available records of the legal services expenditure for the previous financial year.

The following information provides the legal services expenditure for financial year 2019-20 for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

Total External Legal Services Expenditure $5,599,404
Including professional fees $5,444,934
Including disbursements in the amount of $68,817
Including briefs to counsel in the amount of $85,652
Of which female counsel totalled $11,042
Of which male counsel totalled $74,610
Total Internal Legal Services Expenditure $13,686,136
Total (External + Internal) Expenditure $19,285,540

Note: All figures are GST exclusive

* Please note that in accordance with Guidance Note 8 of 2019-20, the total cost of each dedicated legal unit within the Department has been included in the internal legal services expenditure

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