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Non-corporate Commonwealth entities under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) must comply with the Guidelines on Information and Advertising Campaigns by non-corporate Commonwealth entities. The Department of Finance is responsible for supporting the administration of the guidelines.

The requirements for review and certification of campaigns are determined by the value of the campaign and whether advertising will be undertaken.

As outlined in the guidelines, agency chief executives are required to certify that a campaign complies with the guidelines and relevant government policies.

The Chief Executive's certification statements for Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advertising campaigns are published on this page after the campaigns have launched.

Certification statements


Accountable Authority Certification for Government Advertising Campaigns - Certification Statement – Smartraveller VI


Public Interest Certificate - Mailing Services

Smartraveller Campaign – COVID-19 extension (June – December 2021)


Smartraveller Campaign – COVID-19 (October 2020 to February 2021)


Smartraveller Campaign – Phase V (Check your travel smarts)


Smartraveller Campaign – Phase IV maintenance


Smartraveller Campaign – Phase IV

Smartraveller campaign – Interim


Smartraveller Campaign – Phase III airport advertising

Smartraveller Campaign – Phase III


Smartraveller Campaign – Phase III

Campaign research

Market research used to inform the development of the communication strategy, advertising creative and material.


Smartraveller Campaign Phase V (Check your travel smarts) – Exploratory market research [PDF 2.44 MB]

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