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Australia Awards

Kiribati Case Study: Mapping Alumni Networks and Links to Australia

This report examines the professional and social networks of Australian scholarship alumni from Kiribati to provide insight into the links between alumni, and how these contribute to the long-term outcomes of the Australia Awards. Based on survey responses from 64 alumni, this Kiribati Case Study utilises social network analysis (SNA) tools to analyse and map interactions amongst the I-Kiribati alumni and to Australia. This research was conducted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's (DFAT) Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility (GTF) in September and October 2020.

The overall aim of the Australia Awards is to help ‘partner countries progress their development goals and have positive relationships with Australia that advance mutual interests'. This aim is extrapolated in four long-term outcomes of the Australia Awards. Outcome 2, cooperation with Australia, Outcome 3, partnerships with Australia, and Outcome 4, views of Australia, Australians and Australian expertise, form the basis of the findings for the alumni from this case study. The mapping of the I-Kiribati alumni network provides an opportunity to understand better how the alumni are linked, and the levers that influence their contribution to achieving Outcomes 2, 3 and 4.


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