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Gender Action Platform (GAP) outcomes

Summary of publication

The Gender Action Platform (GAP) concluded in December 2020. Its design prioritised innovation, collaboration and shared learning. In July 2021, an independent Review of the GAP found the GAP achieved its objective to strengthen Australian NGO projects to achieve gender equality outcomes in developing countries. The review analysed findings in relation to impacts on beneficiaries, effectiveness of approaches and merits of the GAP modality. The review also gave recommendations for both NGOs and DFAT for future gender-focused programs, building on the practices and lessons identified from the GAP.

A management response to the Review of the GAP identifies how DFAT will implement the DFAT-targeted review recommendations in future joint NGO gender equality programs through the ANCP.

Three accompanying learning documents provide more information on the GAP and its outcomes. They are:

  • The GAP overview summarises the gender equality approaches and outcomes of the six GAP projects. It highlights innovative and effective approaches within projects and links to knowledge products published for the development sector.
  • GAP engaging men and boys provides examples of the approached GAP partners used to engage men and boys in their projects. It covers the major challenges reported with engaging men and boys and strategies recommended by GAP partners for future gender equality projects.
  • GAP changing gender norms outlines strategies used by GAP partners to address gender norms, examples of changes in attitudes and behaviours reported during project implementation and recommendations to improve future gender norms change projects.

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Management response

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