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Australia-ASEAN Council COVID-19 Special Grants Round

The Australia-ASEAN Council COVID-19 Special Grants Round supports continuity in people-to-people and institutional engagement between Australia and Southeast Asia during and following the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, when restrictions on travel and social distancing limit opportunities for face-to-face engagement and inward and outbound visits.

The grant round targeted online and other activities or forms of engagement that help bring people together through virtual means and build cross-cultural linkages, but do not require travel and are consistent with government restrictions in response to COVID-19.

The round also prioritised applications that directly contribute to the priority needs of Southeast Asian countries during and immediately following the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Special Grant Round Outcomes

The Australia-ASEAN Council COVID-19 Special Grants Round supported 18 grants to build on the government’s investment in our partnerships with Southeast Asia and foster engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Projects include an online series to support young people to tackle social challenges; an online platform to improve trade between Australia and Vietnam; and a new forum to boost recovery in the tourism and hospitality sectors in Australia and across ASEAN. More information is available below:


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