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Australia-ASEAN Council grant recipients, 2017-18

Project title Recipient Project description AAC Grant (GST inc. where applicable) Grant funding location
ASEAN-AUSTRALIA DIALOGUE: Partnering for Security & Prosperity in Uncertain Times Australian National University The “ASEAN-Australia Dialogue: Partnering for Security & Prosperity in Uncertain Times” is a unique academic conference with a policy-relevant focus, hosted by a consortium of universities, to address contemporary multilateral issues, including shared economic, security and political challenges and opportunities. $43,978.00 Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Improving the relationship between World Heritage, tourism and poverty reduction Western Sydney University

Led by Western Sydney University and UNESCO Ha Noi, a regional workshop will explore the impact of tourism on poverty alleviation around World Heritage sites. National and international heritage and tourism authorities, government departments and development agencies will discuss issues identified, following investigations in the World Heritage towns of Hoi An, Viet Nam, and Luang Prabang, Lao PDR. Household surveys in the villages of Triem Tay, outside Hoi An, and Xieng Maen, outside Luang Prabang, will assess if people in these villages have shared the opportunities of tourism experienced in the near-by World Heritage townships. Both townships located in rural provinces Inscribed in the 1990s, had high levels of poverty at the time. Both have experienced intensive tourism investment and significant improvement in household incomes.

The workshop will facilitate knowledge sharing across different bodies involved in work on poverty alleviation through tourism; will share issues and exchange lessons learned to assist in formulating appropriate recommendations.

We will evaluate the case study methodology for its suitability to assess the contribution of World Heritage and tourism to the UNSDGs, in particular poverty reduction. The workshop will foster inclusive and open regional dialogue around alternative futures and social innovation.

$44,000.00 Australia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
2018 ASEAN State of the Nations Event Series The University of Melbourne (trading as Asialink Business)

ASEAN embodies opportunity for agile Australian businesses. In the lead up to the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit, Asialink Business is curating a series of national business forums to share the latest thinking on business and investment opportunities, contemporary market insights, and practical case studies.

The forums will bring together leading ASEAN business experts for an interactive discussion and first-hand perspectives on the pressing considerations for Australian businesses looking to understand, enter or grow in ASEAN's diverse markets. Providing a deep-dive and fresh insights into some of the key opportunities for growth, the forums will explore themes including:

Understanding ASEAN's changing consumers

Leveraging ASEAN's common market

Innovation and the digital economy

Events will take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, with live sites in select locations around regional Australia. All Australian businesses are invited to attend the forums in their location of choice. Businesses can also participate in the discussion on social media and access a digital hub of insights from the events on the Asialink Business website (

$44,000.00 Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
ASEAN-Australia Youth Forum Asia Education Foundation

In March 2018 the Asia Education Foundation will host an ASEAN-Australia Youth Forum in Sydney for more than 60 Australian students from years 9 to 11.

This student-centered, full-day program is designed to deepen participants understanding of the member countries of ASEAN and Australia's relationship with the region.

Throughout the day students will be asked to simulate a meeting between the leaders of Australia and ASEAN Member States. Students will have the opportunity to present their allocated country's position on the issues they, as nations, are facing. Importantly, students will discuss and propose agreements with the aim to reach mutually agreeable solutions through negotiation and consensus building.

Students will also have the opportunity to hear from, and be guided by, expert speakers and facilitators, who will share their insights about the key issues and opportunities facing the region and the importance of Australia's engagement with South-East Asia.

Enabling students to apply their knowledge and skills to solve problems in real world situations is an essential step in building their capabilities to be active and informed global citizens.

$17,172.07 Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Dynamic Digital Citizenship: Young Social Entrepreneurs in ASEAN and Australia Griffith University This project brings together young online social entrepreneurs from the ASEAN community and Australia for dialogue on promoting social development through the use of digital technologies and the ASEAN regional platform. Social entrepreneurship, understood as the creation of self-sustaining businesses and non-governmental organisations with a strong social purpose, has expanded dramatically in the ASEAN region in recent years, as well as in Australia. The latest wave of young social entrepreneurs (ages 18-35) has increasingly taken advantage of online technologies to pursue their social aims – including across national boundaries in ASEAN. This project will bring together established or emerging such entrepreneurs from eight ASEAN member countries, as well as five young social entrepreneurs from Queensland, for a two-day workshop in Brisbane during 12-18 March 2018. This will be timed to take advantage of the opportunities for further networking and knowledge transfer provided by the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit. $33,225.50 Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Residential Integrated Pest Management Workshops for Smallholder Farmers in Savannakhet Crawford Fund Ltd Residential Integrated Pest Management workshops for smallholder farmers will provide improved understanding of the management of serious pests affecting production. Farmers will be provided with the knowledge to deliver safe and profitable produce to improve food security and export opportunities. $24,255.00 Australia
Supporting Australian business engagement during the 50th anniversary of ASEAN AustCham-ASEAN This project aims to support the activities of AustCham ASEAN in conducting a survey of Australian businesses on regional integration issues; promoting this with a website and business roundtables; and supporting advocacy efforts. $50,000.00 Singapore
ASEAN Virtual Business Plan Competition and Trade Information Website University of New England Australian, Thai and Malaysian students will pitch their ideas, virtually, to a panel of international judges and the winning students mentored to implement their ideas. A website will provide information and contacts for doing business in each of the countries. $50,000.00 Australia, Thailand, Malaysia
Facilitating development of smallholder agro-forestry in Lao PDR and Cambodia University of the Sunshine Coast This project proposes eight community workshops to promote agro-forestry to smallholder growers in Lao PDR and Cambodia. The aim is to diversify farming systems and incomes, increase food security and stimulate rural economies through incorporation of trees into cropping systems. $50,000.00 Australia, Cambodia, Laos
Building Connections for Enterprising Women Good Shepherd Microfinance The project develops a long-term collaborative relationship among practitioners and researchers with expertise in women’s enterprise development through a series of forums, roundtables and videoconferences to share expertise and develop a framework for supporting enterprising women in Sarawak and Victoria. $74,960.00 Australia, Malaysia
Institutional links to address issues in higher education in Vietnam University of South Australia Around 150 lecturers (at least 135 from 30 Vietnamese universities) are brought together to exchange their innovations in teaching content in English (English Medium Instruction – EMI) through seminars, workshops and classroom observations at UniSA and Viet Nam. $49,101.00 Australia, Vietnam
THE ASEAN AUSTRALIA EDUCATION DIALOGUE; Building a Foundation Towards 2025 ASEAN Focus Group 2017 celebrates the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN. In order to support an environment where ASEAN and Australia can further build an education partnership,the inaugural ASEAN-Australia International Education Dialogue will be hosted in Malaysia targeting key education and training thought leaders. $58,000.00 Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
ASEAN-Australia Council Women in Humanitarian Leadership Scholarship Fund Deakin University Enabling 10 senior women from ASEAN countries to undertake the Humanitarian Leadership Program/Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Leadership, and participate in humanitarian leadership webinars. $54,204.70 Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Connecting Vietnamese and Australian Women Entrepreneurs in Agri-food Business Western Sydney University The project will develop connections and shared knowledge among innovative women entrepreneurs in agri-food business in Australia and Vietnam. Workshops on food technology, new product development, exporting and work-life balance will be organised in April 2018 in Australia. $49,900.00 Australia, Vietnam
Australia and ASEAN media networking and tour The Walkley Foundation This project will enable extensive networking and a multi-city speaking tour for a leading journalist from the ASEAN region. It will showcase journalism and storytelling in both regions, strengthen international relationships in the media and inform the Australian public. $11,000.00 Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Australian Rainwater Tank Design for Households/Schools in the Philippines Swinburne University of Technology The project will involve working with the local governments of Dimasalang, Philippines and rainwater tanks manufacturers to visit Australia and study Australian rainwater tank designs. This will enable the manufacture of efficient rainwater tanks locally for installation to Dimasalang households/schools. $49,840.00 Australia, Philippines
Regionally Speaking – Cultural Leadership and Advocacy from ASEAN to Australia Griffith University Regionally Speaking - from ASEAN to Australia aims to engage emerging arts practitioners from ASEAN and Australia to deepen their regional understanding and connections, promote cooperative engagement, and strengthen their collective voice as cultural advocates and leaders across the region. $40,000.00 Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Australia-ASEAN Youth Summit (AAYS) 2017 ASEAN Youth Organisation of Australia The summit aims to serve as an avenue to facilitate intellectual discourse among the youth on prominent issues surrounding cultural diversity in ASEAN. It will also explore the multi-faceted dynamics of culture and community within the ASEAN region. $5,000.00 Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia Melbourne International Festival Of The Arts An newly commissioned, multi-genre performance fusing voice, music and visual to mark a turning point in Cambodia’s history. A collaboration between influential creatives from Cambodia and Australia, with its world premiere at Melbourne Festival in 2017. $48,739.00 Australia, Cambodia
AAC Media Fellows 2017-18 University of Sydney

Media Internships‍

Two senior undergraduate media and communications students from the University of Sydney will travel to Bangkok, Thailand in Jan/Feb 2018 to undertake a journalism internship at The Bangkok Post.

$11,000.00 Australia, Thailand
The ASEAN-Australia Visiting Fellows Program at the Lowy Institute Lowy Institute for International Policy The Lowy Institute will host three leading Southeast Asian scholars of politics and international relations at the Institute, where they will serve as visiting fellows for one week periods distributed throughout the year. $19,002.00 Australia
Australia ASEAN Small & Medium Enterprise Initiative (AASMEI) ASEAN Focus Group Pty Ltd

A program directed to the SMEs of NSW which provides reasons for an off shore expansion, and noting that it is an expansion and not a re-establishing or moving to an off shore location. Those reasons include both local and regional benefits. The process which is to be adopted is fully outlined and is based on 30 years experience in achieving successful outcomes. The process is not onerous nor particularly expensive, but is designed to provide a safe and profitable outcome.

Using the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit 2018 as catalyst, conduct a high level seminar on the ‘Reasons for Commercial Linkage with ASEAN’ followed by a series of multi-level Briefing Dialogues to outline "Why & How" of commercial linkages with ASEAN.

$38,225.00 Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore
Practical Futures for Cyber Confidence Building in the ASEAN region Australian Strategic Policy Institute

This project brings together the region's international cyber policy think-tanks in a Track II dialogue. Leveraging joint capacities, developing innovative recommendations for cyber confidence-building measures.

The cyber domain is increasingly politically charged territory. Strengthened cooperation and dialogue between ASEAN think-tanks and foreign policy institutes will increase global cooperation, reduce the risk of misperception and miscalculation.

The richness of creative opinions and expert research present in the region through a series of online discussion rounds that will distill a compelling set of innovative, practical and realistic policy recommendations.

$44,000.00 Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
21st Biennale of Sydney (2018), SUPERPOSITION: Equilibrium and Engagement Biennale of Sydney

Seven South-East Asian artists are invited to participate in the 21st Biennale of Sydney (2018) and to take part in a Public Forum and Reception coinciding with the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit 2018 and the 21st Biennale of Sydney Opening Celebrations.

SUPERPOSITION: Equilibrium and Engagement is curated by Artistic Director Mami Kataoka, Chief Curator of the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo. To celebrate these artists and the coinciding of the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit with the 21st Biennale of Sydney’s Opening Week, the Biennale proposes to present a public forum with the support of the Australia-ASEAN Council profiling these artists with Artistic Director Mami Kataoka. A highlight of the public programming accompanying the 2018 exhibition with its focus on equilibrium and engagement, the Forum aims to foster mutual understanding and regional cooperation through collaboration, shared cultural exchange and understanding cross-regionally.

$44,000.00 Australia
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