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Australia-ASEAN Council grant recipients, 2018-19

Project title Recipient Project description AAC Grant (GST inc. where applicable) Grant funding location
ASEAN Games Australia 2018 ASEAN Youth Organisation ASEAN Games Australia (AGA) is a three-day sporting festival that advocates a healthy and active lifestyle and fosters stronger bonds amongst Southeast Asian and Australian communities. Now in its eighth year, AGA is the largest sporting event for the Southeast Asian community in Australia. $10,000.00 Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Aquaculture technology transfer activating Northern Australia and Singapore economic opportunities Rockhampton Regional Council

Rockhampton Regional Council will team with DAF, CQUniversity and selected regional businesses to work with Surbana Jurong and Enterprise Singapore to explore trade and investment opportunities in aquaculture between Northern Australia and Singapore.

Two workshops will be held to share best practice information on latest technology, consumer preference and market opportunities in aquaculture. At the end of the project, it's anticipated recommendations for better market development will enable increased access of Queensland's commodities into Singapore and the broader region.

$44,000.00 Singapore
2019 Australia-Vietnam Young Leadership Dialogue Australia-Vietnam Leadership Dialogue Limited

The Australia-Vietnam Young Leadership Dialogue (AVYLD) will bring together twenty emerging leaders from Australia and Vietnam to learn about the Australia-Vietnam relationship and how they can promote it in the future.

The AVYLD promotes engagement and collaboration between young Australian and Vietnamese leaders from business, startups, academia, government, not-for-profit and the arts. The dialogue provides cultural enrichment, leadership training and exposure to innovative business practices. It aims to facilitate deeper understanding and to foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships to improve economic, social and cultural prosperity for citizens in Vietnam and Australia.

$33,000.00 Australia, Vietnam
The presentation of contemporary ASEAN visual arts in APT9 Queensland Art Gallery — Gallery of Modern Art

A dynamic presentation of contemporary visual arts from the ASEAN region will feature in the 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art' (APT9) in Brisbane. APT9 is the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art's flagship international contemporary art project and the only major recurring series in the world to focus on the contemporary art of the Asia-Pacific region. The exhibition features over 80 artists and groups whose work is notable for making an impact in contemporary art in a local context.

Southeast Asian artists include Ly Hoang Ly and Trinh Thi Nguyen from Vietnam, Souliya Phoumivong and Bounpaul Phothyzan from Laos, Jakkai Siributr from Thailand and Marta Atienza from Philippines. These artists represent some of the most exciting practitioners emerging from Southeast Asia today.

$27,500.00 Australia
Knowledge exchange for Smart Cities (Australia — Vietnam) Swinburne University of Technology

A series of workshops in Australia and Vietnam will bring together experts from both countries to share lessons and experiences in smart city planning and policy. The project will facilitate knowledge sharing across different stakeholders in government sectors, urban planning and design industries, universities and research institutions for smart cities.

Workshops will explore the role of local infrastructure at a neighbourhood level and community participation in smart city projects. They will look at agendas from the Smart City Project recently launched by the Ho Chi Minh City People Committee and the Australian Smart Communities Program. The workshops will also be accessible to broader communities via social media, which will enhance public awareness of the significance of the emerging technological innovation at a city scale.

$26,400.00 Australia, Vietnam
Australia ASEAN Food, Logistics and Technology Network James Cook University

The Australia ASEAN Food, Logistics and Technology Network (AA-FLT) will bring businesses and universities together to identify problems, and to accelerate the development of food, logistic and technology solutions. The aim is to develop a network of universities and businesses that support food entrepreneurship and innovation.

A series of workshops will address:

  1. Logistics and food clusters that optimise value adding, just-in-time food distribution, forward hubbing and consolidation centres
  2. Innovative functional foods

Technology, block chain platforms, digital smart phone apps that enable traceability, transparency and education about the logistics and health aspects.

The inaugural multi-disciplinary meeting in November 2018 will enable knowledge sharing, research and business partnerships.

$34,540.00 Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Australia-ASEAN Youth Summit 2018 ASEAN Youth Organisation

The Australian-ASEAN Youth Summit (AAYS) will bring together students and leaders from the government, private sector, and civil societies to explore current issues facing the ASEAN region, with a focus on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. It is the largest annual ASEAN youth gathering in Victoria. The event is a platform to network, promote friendship and foster a sense of belonging amongst the ASEAN and Australian communities.

The AAYS is committed to:

  • serving as a platform for youth to freely exchange information and ideas on matters of interest within and outside of the ASEAN region
  • advocating for the voice of Southeast Asian youth to be heard on a statewide scale
  • empowering youth by providing a practical platform to improve their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours by instilling forward-looking ideas that would result in positive change in their respective communities
$6,000.00 Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam 
Developing the post-Summit action Plan Australia-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce To support post-summit engagement, Australia-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce (AustCham ASEAN) will develop an advocacy platform. Working groups will be created in up to seven thematic areas: infrastructure, energy, agri-food and supply chain logistics, education, healthcare and tourism. A clear action plan will be developed for each thematic area. The working groups will offer a platform/network of Australian firms that will help drive the implementation going forward. Through this platform AustCham ASEAN will continue to advocate for policies, rules and regulations that support Australian business activities in ASEAN. $50,000.00 Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam 
SunTuk: Solar Tuk Tuk Educational Outreach and Engagement Project Unbound Global Pty Ltd

The SunTuk Project is an innovative, educational program to promote sustainable transport and international engagement. A team of young Australians will travel across Australia and Southeast Asia in a solar-powered electric tuk tuk to highlight innovation in sustainable transport in Australia and Southeast Asia. Along the way, they will engage with schools, community groups and the public.

The project will build connections between Australia and the region through an exciting and inclusive educational adventure. 

$44,000.00 Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
ASEAN-Australia Drowning Prevention Capacity Building Program Royal Life Saving Society — Australia

Royal Life Saving Society-Australia, in partnership with the Governments of Thailand and Vietnam, will deliver a program to build capacity in drowning prevention. The program will include workshops and field trips for ASEAN nations to build awareness and capacity and to highlight strategies to reduce drowning.

The World Health Organisation has identified drowning in the ASEAN region as a hidden public health threat. In most nations, drowning is a leading cause of mortality in children aged one — 15 years.  WHO is calling for a coordinated response, the development of national drowning prevention plans, and the prioritisation of swimming and rescue skills for children.

$40,150.00 Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam 
An institutional partnership between ACMI, Bophana and Combodian Living Arts Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)

The project is a partnership between the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, the Bophana Audiovisual Resource Centre in Phnom Penh and Cambodian Living art. It aims to develop a long-term institutional partnership to promote the significance of preservation, restoration and presentation of moving image cultural heritage.

The exhibition component will sit within ACMI's new permanent exhibition about the past, present and future of the moving image and will contextualise the work of Bophana within the wider story of the history of the moving image. The skills exchange component of the project will focus on cross-cultural collaboration and scoping a plan for the establishment of a film digitisation laboratory at Bophana based on the currently operating ACMI model.

$44,000.00 Australia, Cambodia
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