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Sanctions regimes

Guinea-Bissau sanctions regime

Why are sanctions imposed?

In 2012, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) imposed sanctions in relation to Guinea-Bissau in response to the military seizing power. Australia implements the UNSC sanctions concerning Guinea-Bissau by incorporating them into Australian law.

What is prohibited by the Guinea-Bissau sanctions regime?

The Guinea-Bissau sanctions regime imposes the following measure:

Measure UNSC Autonomous
travel bans  

The Guinea-Bissau sanctions regime imposes a travel ban on 10 senior members of the Guinea-Bissau military (listed in the Annex to UNSC Resolution 2048 (2012)). These listed individuals are prohibited from transiting through or entering Australia.

Relevant legislation

The relevant legislation for the Guinea-Bissau sanctions regime includes the following:

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