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Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP)

Building resilience to climate challenges in Pakistan

Anwar lives in the Badin district of Pakistan — a region that is experiencing the impacts of climate change. Changing rainfall patterns and land degradation caused by sea intrusion mean that for Badin’s 1.8 million residents, accessing clean water and growing and catching food is increasingly difficult.

Originally a fisherman, these effects of climate change resulted in Anwar being laid off from his job and struggling to support his family.

“We saw losses in the fishery business because of the drought. Freshwater simply disappeared, due to which the fish started dying and we could not catch enough to make a living,” he explains.

“I am a disabled person. My leg was paralyzed in childhood due to polio. But I still believe in making my own living. Some friends told me about an organisation in the village who were providing livelihood,” he furthers.

The organisation was Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) NGO Oxfam Australia. Through their Building Resilient Communities program, Oxfam Australia is working to improve the resilience of rural communities and government authorities in Badin, helping them prepare for, adapt to and mitigate climate and disaster risks.

This includes providing communities with climate-smart agricultural training and alternative livelihood opportunities. The program has focussed on enabling over 70 women and people living with a disability to set up their own businesses including soap making, tyre repair, bee farming and tailoring.

Anwar approached and was quickly supported by the program receiving business training and the resources to set up a corner shop.

“Now I am running this corner stall and making a respectable living. I am very happy to be able to support my family on my own,” says Anwar.


Photo of Anwar selling multiple products in an open street side store.
Anwar stands behind the counter of his new corner store. Credit Oxfam Australia
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