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Continued support for the Global Green Growth Institute

13 April 2017

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) helps developing countries deliver on their commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement, and meet the UN-Sustainable Development Goals. The GGGI supports developing countries by providing policy and investment advice and capacity building, with a focus on cities, energy, sustainable landscapes and water.

Supported by funding from Australia, the GGGI has delivered strong outcomes in the Indo-Pacific region, and currently covers 14 projects across nine countries, including Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Kiribati, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Vanuatu and Vietnam. The GGGI has delivered tangible results in the region, including: developing a green urban development strategy for Cambodia that generated 48 green investment projects; developing Indonesia's Green Industry Mapping Strategy to increase transport efficiency and green industry; and supporting the development of a National Green Energy Fund in Vanuatu to design green energy projects and access funding from the Green Climate Fund. The GGGI continues to focus on the region, and is expected to direct close to 40 per cent of funding to the region in 2017-18.

Australia has announced its continued support for the GGGI, pledging US$15 million ($19 million) in funding for 2017-2019. This funding will enable the GGGI to continue to support developing countries in the critical transition towards environmentally sustainable economic growth.

Australia is a founding member and core contributor the GGGI and currently serves on GGGI's Council, providing strategic direction and oversight of the Institute's work program and budget.

More information on GGGI.

DFAT Deputy Secretary McDonald signing the Gobal Green Growth Institute funding agreement
DFAT Deputy Secretary Ewen McDonald signing funding agreement.
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