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Australia-India FTA Feasibility Study submissions

Submissions have been received concerning the desirability of an Australia-India FTA. Submitting parties represent a wide range of interested groups, including peak industry organisations, professional associations, companies, non-government organisations, individuals and state governments.

Below is a list of contributors who have given permission to be identified, and/or have their submission(s) made public.

Copyright and content

Copyright in submissions resides with the author(s), not with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The views expressed in these submissions are the views of the author(s) and should not be understood as reflecting the views of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Submissions were provided to the Department in a range of formats. All submissions have been published in a common portable document format (pdf, Adobe Acrobat Version 8).

Submissions received

Last Updated: 12 May 2010
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