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Chapter 21: Final Provisions

Article 21.1: Annexes, Appendices and Footnotes

The Annexes, Appendices and footnotes to this Agreement shall constitute an integral part of this Agreement.

Article 21.2: Amendments

  1. This Agreement may be amended by written agreement between the Parties.
  2. Such amendments shall enter into force in accordance with the same procedure as provided for in Article 21.4 (Entry into Force), or as otherwise agreed by the Parties.
  3. The Parties understand that, without prejudice to the necessary internal requirements of each Party, amendments relating only to Appendix 4-A (Procedures for Issuing Certificates of Origin) and Appendix 4-B (Procedures for Making Declarations of Origin) may be made by diplomatic notes exchanged between the Parties.

Article 21.3: Amendment of International Agreements

If any international agreement, or a provision therein, referred to in this Agreement or incorporated into this Agreement is amended, the Parties shall, on request, consult on whether it is necessary to amend this Agreement, unless this Agreement provides otherwise.

Article 21.4: Entry into Force

This Agreement shall enter into force 60 days after the date on which the Parties exchange written notifications through diplomatic channels that they have completed their respective necessary internal requirements, or on such other date as the Parties may agree.

Article 21.5: General Review of the Agreement

  1. In accordance with Article 18.2.1 (c) (Functions of the Joint Committee) of Chapter 18 (Institutional Provisions), the Joint Committee shall undertake a general review of this Agreement five years after the date of entry into force of this Agreement, and then every five years after that, with a view to updating and enhancing this Agreement to further its objectives, through negotiations, as appropriate. The review shall include, but not be limited to, consideration of deepening liberalisation, reducing or eliminating remaining discrimination and further expanding market access.
  2. In conducting a review under this Article, the Joint Committee shall take into account:
    1. the work of all committees and subsidiary bodies established under this Agreement;
    2. relevant developments in international fora; and
    3. as appropriate, input from experts.

Article 21.6: Termination

Either Party may terminate this Agreement by giving 180 days advance notice in writing to the other Party.

Article 21.7: Authentic Texts

This Agreement is done in duplicate in the Indonesian and English languages. Both texts of this Agreement shall be equally authentic.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorised by their respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.

DONE at Jakarta, on this 4th day of March in the year 2019, in duplicate in the English and Indonesian languages.

For the Government of

For the Government of the Republic of Indonesia:

Last Updated: 27 February 2019
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