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Using IA-CEPA to do business with Indonesia

The Indonesia-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) improves Australia's access to Indonesia by eliminating or reducing tariffs on goods and through enhanced access for service providers and investors to the Indonesian market. IA-CEPA will come into force 5 July 2020.

The Guide to using IA-CEPA to export or import goods will be published once origin certification arrangements have been finalised with Indonesia. This will be done as soon as possible and in advance of entry into force, to allow Australian businesses to plan ahead. Claims for preferential tariff treatment under IA-CEPA cannot be made until the Agreement enters into force.

Australia's arrangements with Indonesia under the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) remain unchanged. While IA-CEPA builds on outcomes in AANZFTA, the two agreements will co-exist after IA-CEPA enters into force. Businesses will continue to be able to use AANZFTA.

For easy-to-access information about export and import opportunities under IA-CEPA and other free trade agreement, visit the FTA Portal. The FTA Portal has been updated to include IA-CEPA tariffs, which will apply from 5 July 2020 when the IA-CEPA enters into force.


Learn more about using IA-CEPA from our IA-CEPA outcomes documents.

For more information about doing business in Indonesia and Indonesia's business culture, visit Austrade's Doing business in Indonesia page.

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