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A Social Network Analysis of Australia Awards Alumni Workshops

Building on previous Global Tracer Facility (GTF) case studies investigating alumni networks, this case study used social network analysis (SNA) to map connections between a cohort of 42 alumni that participated in a post-award enrichment workshop to examine its impact on the Australia Awards long-term Program Outcomes. The alumni workshop, titled Australia Awards Alumni as Champions for the Environment and Climate Action, was conducted in 2018 in Bhutan by the Australia Awards – South and West Asia Program (AASWAP; now known as the Australia Awards – South Asia & Mongolia program). The workshop was designed to cultivate communities of practice among attending alumni through project group work and an in-person workshop that allowed alumni with similar interests to meet, discuss ideas and collaborate.

This case study investigated the long-term impact of the 2018 workshop. In particular, it focussed on whether the format of this post-award enrichment opportunity was successful in developing connections between alumni and whether these connections were maintained four years later.

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