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Indonesia Australia Partnership for Infrastructure (KIAT) Phase 1: Mid-Term Review and Management Response

Summary of publication

Indonesia Australia Partnership for Infrastructure (KIAT) is a ten-year Facility that supports the Government of Indonesia’s goal of sustainable and inclusive growth through improved access to quality infrastructure for all people. KIAT provides technical assistance and advisory services to improve infrastructure policy, planning and delivery in response to agreed priorities.

An independent Mid-Term Review (MTR) of KIAT was undertaken from March to August 2021 to assess KIAT’s performance and progress against its End-of-Facility Outcomes (EOFOs) and to identify areas of improvement including how best to respond to emerging infrastructure priorities. The review concluded that the KIAT Facility remains highly relevant to Australia’s engagement in Indonesia and has delivered substantial achievements against all three EOFOs.

The review also produced a set of recommendations, including to exercise the four-year extension option for the KIAT Facility from 1 July 2022, based on its performance to date. DFAT’s management response to these recommendations are below. Findings from the MTR will inform decisions on any changes needed to ensure KIAT can achieve its EOFOs and respond to emerging bilateral and regional priorities during Phase 2.

Full publication

KIAT Mid-Term Review Report [DOCX 950 KB]

KIAT Mid-Term Review Report [PDF 1 MB]

KIAT Mid-Term Review Report – Annexes [DOCX 1.3 MB]

KIAT Mid-Term Review Report – Annexes [PDF 700 KB]

Management response

KIAT MTR - Management Response [DOCX 25 KB]

KIAT MTR - Management Response [PDF 160 KB]

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