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Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility Indonesia Alumni Case Study

The report details the outcomes of a case study of Indonesian alumni of Australian development scholarships. Alumni in this case study completed their scholarships between 2006 and 2010 in the field of education.

The case study shows that alumni have made strong contributions towards supporting education sector development, with the benefits of study extending to colleagues and employers. One of the unique findings of this case study is that alumni are contributing to the achievement of partner-country development goals in their hometowns. Of the eight alumni interviewed, six are contributing either directly or indirectly to improving education within their home provinces.

Positive experiences in school and university can have a long-lasting effect on a student's values and aspirations, and their motivation to continue their studies. Alumni provided strong examples of using their experience in the Australian education system to model and set the standards for student-centred and inclusive education environments.

This research was conducted by the Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility to provide the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with evidence to evaluate the impact of the Australia Awards.

Infographic shows data availble in the full report linked below.
Infographic for Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility Case Study in Indonesia - education field. View larger version [JPG]


Last Updated: 24 October 2018
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