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Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility Case Study: Bangladesh, Economic Development

This report has been developed based on interviews with seven alumni and various stakeholders to examine the long-term outcomes of Australia Awards alumni working within the Bangladesh Civil Service, with a focus on the Ministry of Finance. The alumni featured in this case study undertook scholarships and fellowships in Australia in studies relating to economic development, and graduated between 2011 and 2016. This research was conducted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT) Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility (the Facility) in December 2019.

The overall aim of the Australia Awards is to help ‘partner countries progress their development goals and have positive relationships with Australia that advance mutual interests’. This aim is extrapolated in four long-term outcomes for the Australia Awards, which form the basis of the findings for the alumni from this case study.

This image is an info graphic titled of this info graphic is “Australia Awards alumni in Bangladesh – supporting economic development, growth and investment through the public sector”. In the first section it details how Australia Awards alumni currently contribute to their society, the second section details three outcomes that have been achieved and one that has been partly achieved through the Australia awards program and the third section describes who was interviewed for the Bangladesh Case Study.
Infographic for Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility: Banladesh Case Study, Economic Development.


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