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Australian statement for the Interactive dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Iran, 10 March 2021

Human Rights Council - 46th session

Item 4: Interactive dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Iran

9 March 2021

Australian Statement

Australia remains concerned about the human rights situation in Iran and notes the Special Rapporteur’s latest report.

Australia is deeply troubled by continued executions, including of child offenders. We urge Iran to impose a moratorium on the death penalty.

Australia is concerned that Iranian women continue to face significant forms of discrimination, and that the legal age of marriage is still 13 years old. Australia reiterates the need for Iran, as a State party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to respect, protect and fulfil the rights owed to children under that Convention.

We note reports that families of Iranian human rights activists have been subjected to harassment and coercion. Australia calls on Iran to uphold international standards including fair trials and due process, and proper accountability of security entities. We encourage Iran to safeguard freedom of expression and ensure activists do not face intimidation.

Australia is concerned that LGBTI persons continue to face human rights violations. We strongly urge Iran to end the discrimination and intimidation of ethnic and religious minorities, and to protect the rights of all individuals.

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