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Joint Statement for the Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on the High Commissioner’s report on Belarus, 26 February 2021

United Nations Human Rights Council 46th session

Item 2: Enhanced interactive dialogue with the High Commissioner for Human Rights on Belarus (res. 45/1)

25 February 2021

Joint statement delivered by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Mr. Jeppe KOFOD

Madame President,

I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of xx states.

We reaffirm our strong condemnation of the systematic and massive human rights violations and abuses reported in Belarus. Particularly, we are deeply concerned about the reported use by the Belarusian authorities of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, including sexual and gender based violence, against peaceful protesters and political opponents.

As reported by the High Commissioner, detainees have been subjected to sexual violence, denied food, water and medical treatment, and have been systematically and brutally beaten and humiliated. This strengthens the testimonies documented by OSCE Moscow Mechanism Rapporteur Professor Benedek, civil society, and the media. Belarusian authorities punish and silence peaceful demonstrators, deny their right to freedom of peaceful assembly and suppress their legitimate demand for free and fair elections.

Madame President,

The Belarusian authorities must stop the systematic oppression and the persecution of peaceful and democratic movements and cease all violence, including the use of torture. We call on the authorities to release all political prisoners and those arbitrarily detained; immediately and unconditionally. The reported cases of torture must be investigated and perpetrators must be brought to account.

Thank you.

List of co-sponsors per 17 February 2021:

  1. Denmark
  2. Albania
  3. Australia
  4. Austria
  5. Belgium
  6. Canada
  7. Croatia
  8. Cyprus
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Estonia
  11. Finland
  12. France
  13. Germany
  14. Greece
  15. Iceland
  16. Ireland
  17. Italy
  18. Latvia
  19. Liechtenstein
  20. Lithuania
  21. Luxembourg
  22. Malta
  23. Monaco
  24. Montenegro
  25. Netherlands
  26. Norway
  27. Poland
  28. Portugal
  29. Romania
  30. Slovenia
  31. Spain
  32. Sweden
  33. Switzerland
  34. UK
  35. USA
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