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Australian statement for Interactive Dialogue with the Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, 11 March 2021

Human Rights Council – 46th Session

Interactive Dialogue with the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria

11 March 2021

Australian Statement

Australia thanks the Commission for its comprehensive report.

March 2021 marks ten years since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, a decade that has left a devastating impact on the Syrian people.

We remain deeply concerned by continuing human rights violations, including ongoing arbitrary detention, and reports of rape and sexual abuse of detained women and girls.

Australia calls on Syria to cooperate fully with the Commission of Inquiry, particularly by granting the Commission and its staff immediate and unfettered access to Syrian territory.

We firmly believe that the best solution to the Syrian conflict is through meaningful dialogue. We call on Syria to engage in good faith with the UN-facilitated process, to create the conditions necessary for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

We reiterate that those with influence over the Assad regime should urge Syria to respect its relevant obligations under international human rights law and international humanitarian law. We are interested to hear the Commission’s views on the best steps the international community can take to encourage Syria to advance the peace process, as mandated in UNSCR 2254.

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