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Sanctions regimes

Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia sanctions regime

Why are sanctions imposed?

Australia imposes autonomous sanctions in relation to the Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FFRY) which target persons associated with the former Milosevic regime, and persons indicted for or suspected of committing war crimes during the Balkan wars in the early 1990s. Sanctions have been in place since 1992.

What is prohibited by the FFRY sanctions regime?

The FFRY sanctions regime imposes the following sanctions measures:

Measure UNSC Autonomous
restrictions on providing assets to designated persons  
restrictions on dealing with the assets of designated persons  
travel bans on designated persons  

Restrictions on providing assets to designated persons

It is prohibited to directly or indirectly make an asset available to (or for the benefit of) a designated person.

Restrictions on dealing with the assets of designated persons or entities (requirement to freeze assets)

It is prohibited to use or deal with an asset, or allow or facilitate another person to use or deal with an asset owned or controlled by a designated person or entity (the assets are ‘frozen’ and cannot be used or dealt with). The prohibition on ‘dealing’ with assets includes using, selling or moving assets. ‘An 'asset' includes an asset or property of any kind, whether tangible or intangible, movable or immovable.

Go to the Consolidated List to search the names of designated persons and entities.

If you become aware that you are holding an asset of a designated person or entity, you are required to freeze (hold) that asset and notify the AFP as soon as possible. Go to What You Need to Do for more information.

Travel bans

All designated persons under the FFRY sanctions regime are prohibited from travelling to or entering Australia.

Sanctions Permits

The Minister for Foreign Affairs may grant a sanctions permit to allow an activity that would otherwise be prohibited under these regimes provided the activity meets specific criteria.

The table below provides a general guide to relevant criteria. You should get your own legal advice if you think your proposed activity is affected by sanctions and may meet the criteria for a permit. Go to Sanctions Permits for information on permits, including how to apply.

Measure Criteria Reference
Restrictions on dealing with the assets of designated persons or entities (autonomous targeted financial sanctions) for FFRY

The Foreign Minister is satisfied that it would be in the national interest to grant a permit


the activity is a:

  • basic expense dealing;
  • legally required dealing; or
  • contractual dealing.

Regulations 6,14,15,18,20 of the Autonomous Sanctions regulations 2011

Autonomous Sanctions (Designated and Declared Persons – Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) List 2012

Regulations 11A and 11B of the Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulations 1958

Relevant legislation

The relevant legislation for the FFRY regime includes the following:

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