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Flag of Tuvalu


Tuvalu, one of the world's smallest independent nations, comprises nine low-lying coral atolls with a total surface area of 26 square kilometres dispersed over 1.3 million square kilometres of the central Pacific.

Australia’s development partnership with Tuvalu

Economic and trade information

Travel information

Heads of Government

The heads of government list is a database that contains information on the names and titles of heads of state, heads of government, foreign ministers, trade ministers and in some cases, ministers responsible for development assistance.

Embassies and consulates


The Australian High Commission in Funafuti, Tuvalu is responsible for Australian affairs in Tuvalu.


Tuvalu is not currently represented in Australia.


Contact details for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Office of the Pacific
Micronesia & Health Branch
R.G Casey Building
John McEwen Crescent

Phone: +61 2 6261 1111

Fax: +61 2 6261 2332

Contact details for Tuvalu

Foreign Affairs
Private Bag
Funafuti, Tuvalu

Tel:+688 20100

Fax: +688 20820

Finance and Economic Planning
Private Bag
Funafuti, Tuvalu

Tel: +688 20201

Fax: +688 20210

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