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Development assistance in Tuvalu

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Australia Awards in Tuvalu

Australia Awards in Tuvalu


Australia is helping Tuvalu to build a skilled workforce by providing scholarships to students to further their education.

The Australia Awards provide opportunities for Tuvaluan students to study at tertiary institutions in Australia and the Pacific. The awards enable students to gain the skills and knowledge needed to contribute to their country's development.

Australia Awards focus on areas of importance to Tuvalu's development, including economic and public sector management, commerce, law, education, health, engineering, climate change and the environment.

Profile: Lorraine Naisali Taulima

Australia Awards scholarship recipient, Lorraine Naisali Taulima from Tuvalu. Photo: Lorraine Naisali Taulima

Lorraine Naisali Taulima is a student from Tuvalu currently pursuing a Masters in Commerce at the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. Her studies were made possible with the help of an Australia Awards scholarship.

Reflecting on her first one and a half years in the country, Lorraine describes the time as a 'unique, multi-dimensional learning experience.'

For a single mother of three teenagers, it was pretty tough for Lorraine during her early days in Australia. However, the networks that she was able to form made it easier for her to adapt to her new learning environment.

Settling into a new country, a new culture, and a new university academic routine was a major challenge for Lorraine, but her positive attitude and new friends made the transition much easier.

'Developing new bridges for networking, and sharing with other international students, gave me a great sense of belonging and being part of a community,' said Lorraine.

In the meantime, Lorraine is very much looking forward to graduating and returning to Tuvalu with the intention of contributing new insights to her country's development. In particular, she sees herself one day contributing to human resource development in the Tuvalu Public Service.

How to apply

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Last Updated: 9 May 2017
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