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Australia's development program to Nauru

Flag of Nauru

Australia's development program to Nauru

2021-22 bilateral allocation [budget estimate]
$25.5 million
2021-22 total Australian ODA [budget estimate]
$32.2 million
2019-20 total Australian ODA [budget actual]
$28.6 million

Pillar 1 – health security

Australia is working with Nauru to strengthen its health system and tackle non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Both priorities underpin Nauru’s COVID-19 response and support our enduring mutual goal to promote a healthy Nauruan population. In response to COVID-19, Australia has provided Nauru with testing cartridges, medical equipment, PPE and supplies. Australia supported Nauru’s vaccination program through technical advice on the design of the program via a COVID-19 Adviser supporting the Nauru COVID-19 Taskforce and continues to  support equitable access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines.

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Nauru Health Support Program

Pillar 2 – stability

Australia has supported the continued movement of essential workers and goods to and from Nauru, including support for COVID‑19 risk mitigation procedures. Our education and infrastructure programs support essential services for the Nauruan population. We continue to work with Nauru to support law and order, including through the Australian Federal Police’s partnership with the Nauru Police Force, and partnering with Nauru to respond to violence against women and girls.

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Pillar 3 – economic recovery

Compared to some other Pacific countries, Nauru faces less severe economic impacts from COVID-19. However longstanding economic challenges persist and are intensified by COVID-19, such as a narrow economic base, fiscal pressures, and reliance on imports. Australia provides vital technical assistance in public financial management and is partnering with Nauru on essential infrastructure. Our support for the Nauru Trust Fund, together with Nauru and other partners, will be an important mechanism to underpin economic sustainability.

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Australia’s development efforts are set out in Partnerships for Recovery: Australia’s COVID-19 Development Response and the Nauru COVID-19 Development Response Plan.

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Nauru health support program

The Nauru Health Support Program (up to $8.4 million, 2018 to 2022) strengthens Nauru’s health care system and expands primary health care. The program has pivoted to support Nauru’s COVID-19 preparedness.

Nauru improved education

The Nauru Improved Education Initiative (up to $5 million, 2018 to 2021) supports Nauru's Education Sector to deliver education pathways and skills suited to local and regional markets. It focuses on improving the number and quality of teaching staff; increasing the enrolment and retention rates of students; and improving access to relevant high-quality tertiary, technical and vocational education services in Nauru and across the region. In partnership with Government of Nauru, we are completing a new design for our next phase of education support from 2021.

Nauru infrastructure and essential services

The Nauru Infrastructure and Essential Services Initiative (up to $15 million, 2018 to 2021) supports the Government of Nauru in its planning, coordination and maintenance of essential infrastructure and utilities services. Australia is working with the Asian Development Bank, the Green Climate Fund and the Government of Nauru to build a climate resilient, safe deep-water port to facilitate the timely delivery of essential supplies and to encourage increased trade and economic activity. Australia is also working with the Asian Development Bank to support management reform of the Nauru Maritime and Port Authority which will promote improved operational capacity and long-term sustainability.

Nauru public sector reform

The Nauru Public Sector Reform Initiative (up to $4 million, 2018 to 2021) supports the Government of Nauru's strategies for public sector reform, improved economic governance and financial management through the placement of capacity-building advisors in key public service positions. The priorities are: strengthening the capacity of central agencies to deliver and manage national budgets aligned with national development policies and plans; developing and implementing policies to manage fiscal risks and improve revenue generation and collection, including from state-owned enterprises (SOEs); and strengthening development coordination, planning and reporting.

The Intergenerational Trust Fund for the People of Nauru

Australia contributes up to $2.5 million per year to the Nauru Trust Fund. The Trust Fund, established in 2015, is a partnership between the Government of Nauru and contributing parties Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. The Asian Development Bank was instrumental in the design of the fund and also provided an initial contribution. The Trust Fund aims to provide a future revenue stream to supplement domestic revenue in anticipation of current revenue declining over the next 20 years. Australia also participates in the Nauru Trust Fund Committee.

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