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Development assistance in Nauru

Flag of Nauru

Nauru and Australia: standing strong together infographic

Nauru and Australia: standing strong together infographic

Infographic, link to text version below
Nauru and Australia: standing strong together infographic. Larger version [PDF 500 KB]

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  • 108 Nauruan high school students accessed Queensland vocational education and training between 2015-17
  • 224 Australia Awards Scholarships from 2007-2019 (19 in 2019)
  • New University of South Pacific community library
  • Upgrading nursing qualifications 49 health staff graduated from the Nauru Health Practitioners Training Institute
  • $2 billion Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific
  • New Naoero community sports complex
  • Delivering a deep water port with the Asian Development Bank and the Green Climate Fund
  • $8.1 million infrastructure and essential services for Nauru (2018-19)
  • $25.9 million Official Development Assistance including $2.5 million annually for the Intergenerational Trust Fund for the People of Nauru
  • Comprehensive policy training for community policing operations
  • Redevelopment of the Republic of Nauru Hospital
  • Improving the reliability and cost of electricity in Nauru 2 new generators
  • Australia invested $3.9 million in 2017-18 in human development, including the Nauru Improved Health initiative and the Nauru Health Support Program
Last Updated: 7 January 2019
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