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ODE evaluation reports

The Office of Development Effectiveness (ODE) manages and conducts strategic evaluations of the Australian aid program. Strategic evaluations are broad assessments of Australian aid that focus on key policy directions, specific development themes and sectors, or large programs (geographic or global). These evaluations typically examine a number of investments, often across multiple countries, regions or sectors. They highlight what has worked, or not worked, and identify systemic issues that facilitate or constrain the effectiveness of Australian aid. Recommendations from ODE’s evaluations inform both strategy setting and operational practice and assist in identifying new and innovative ways to deliver Australian aid.

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Reviews of uptake of ODE evaluation recommendations

Performance and quality analysis reports

ODE's performance and quality analysis work monitors the department's aid performance assessment systems, and independently quality assures the data they produce. There are a number of components to this work:

  • ODE quality assures DFAT's self-assessments of the performance of individual aid investments via Final Aid Quality Checks (FAQCs).
  • ODE also assesses the quality of Aid Program Performance Reports (APPRs), which report on the performance of country and regional aid programs. These ODE assessments highlight areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. APPR quality reviews have been carried out every year since APPRs were introduced in 2008.
  • Finally, ODE analyses the quality of completed program evaluations on a periodic basis.

Findings from this work support ODE to fulfil its role of quality assuring the assessments made in the annual Performance of Australian Aid (PAA) report, which was established in Making Performance Count. ODE independently analyses the performance assessments made in the PAA to provide confidence that they are robust. In doing so, ODE helps the department and the Australian Government to assess and manage how the Australian aid program is delivering against its objectives.

Reviews of Aid Program Performance Reports

Aid Program Performance Reports (APPRs) are the principal mechanism in DFAT to assess the performance of country and regional aid programs. From 2013 to 2017 ODE published annual assessments of the quality of APPRs, including to highlight strengths and areas for improvement.






Other ODE work

Discussion Papers

Impact Evaluation: A discussion paper for AusAID practitioners

This discussion paper was designed to support appropriate and effective use of impact evaluations. It was intended to provide staff with a definition, guidelines and minimum standards for impact evaluations.

Sector-Wide Approaches in the Health Sector

This report presented the findings from a desk-based review of evidence on the effectiveness of donor support for the health sector. It looked at the use of sector-wide approaches, sector budget support and government systems in six countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and Solomon Islands) where the Australian aid program had used such approaches and/or systems. The report was based on the findings of donors' (including Australia) experience in supporting sector-wide approaches in Asia and the Pacific. It did not evaluate the effectiveness of Australia's broader interventions in health system reform.

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