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Northern Territory Office

Passports, Notarial Services (legalising documents including apostilles, authentications and Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage) for the Northern Territory are provided through the Darwin Passport Office at:

To make an appointment for Notarial Services visit Notarial services (legalising documents) in Australia.

The Northern Territory Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade works to promote trade, encourage growth, attract investment and support Australian business; the four pillars of economic and commercial diplomacy.

We do this by raising awareness and understanding in the Northern Territory of foreign policy, trade and development assistance issues and by assisting businesses and the Northern Territory Government to make the most of international trade opportunities.

Passport and legalisation services are provided by separate passport offices in each state. For more information refer to the Australian Passport Office website or the Legalising documents page.

Director Northern Territory Office

Northern Territory Office Director

Our services

Assistance to exporters

We can assist Northern Territory businesses with interests in trade and investments overseas.

Consultations including briefings and seminars

The Northern Territory Office runs briefings and seminars in Darwin and regional areas on foreign and trade related issues by DFAT experts including visiting Australian Ambassadors and Consuls General.

If you would like to be notified of future events, or would like to participate in government-business consultations, please register your interest at

Outreach activities

This office aims to promote understanding of Australia's foreign, trade and development assistance policies throughout the community. Please contact us if you would like someone from the Department to speak to your school, business or community group on:

  • foreign policy issues
  • the Government's trade negotiations and objectives
  • the benefits that trade brings to Australia
  • Australia's development assistance program
  • the Department's consular role

Consular services

Members of the public who will travel overseas are encouraged to access the consular information service provided by DFAT.

Assistance and information

The Northern Territory Office provides access to:

  • Briefings and seminars on foreign and trade related issues and policy, such as free trade agreements (FTAs)
  • Advice on access to overseas markets and international business networks
  • Access to a range of publications designed to provide information on Australia,
  • Facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of almost 240 countries and economies is available direct from our country information section.
  • Opportunities to meet and discuss trade, foreign policy and development issues with heads of Australian diplomatic and consular missions when they visit the Northern Territory.
  • Trade and economic information about the Northern Territory [PDF 35 KB].

For more information about the practical aspects of exporting see Austrade

Are you exporting or planning to export?

Among the most important responsibilities of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is to negotiate away market access barriers which hinder Australian exporters in their efforts to develop export markets.

These can include such things as tariffs, quotas, or unreasonable technical regulations or standards. The department is able to address these problems in bilateral government to government negotiations with the country concerned, in regional forums such as APEC, or in the World Trade Organization.

The department can target those market access barriers which matter to Australian business only if Australian business tells the department what they are. We therefore encourage Northern Territory businesses which find themselves up against market access barriers in potential export markets to contact the Northern Territory Office and make us aware of the problem so that we can help fix it.

If you are a Northern Territory business affected by market access barriers, our Director will always be keen to hear from you. There is no charge for consulting us on such matters - it is part of our core business as a policy arm of government, aimed at creating the best possible conditions for a more prosperous Australia.

To discuss market access issues, please contact:

Northern Territory Office
Phone: (08) 8982 4199

Are your business practices consistent with Australia's application of international sanctions?

Sanctions are measures designed to address situations of international concern. It is the responsibility of all Australian businesses to ensure they comply with Australian laws and international sanctions.

View further information regarding international sanctions.

Do you travel overseas for business?

In addition to information for general travellers DFAT also provides specific advice for Australian business travellers. This information aims to assist employers and the employees undertaking business travel to make safe travel decisions.

Need a foreign visa? Contact the relevant foreign embassy or consulate in Australia.

Do you regularly travel to the Asia-Pacific region for business? To apply for an APEC Business Travel Card, which allows eligible accredited business people to obtain streamlined business visitor entry to the economies of the Asia-Pacific region, please contact the Department of Home Affairs on 131 881.

New Colombo Plan

The Australian Government's signature initiative, the New Colombo Plan, is boosting the number of Australian undergraduate students who study and work in the Indo-Pacific. Already around 10,000 Australian students will have been supported to live, study and work in the region under the New Colombo Plan, and these numbers will continue to grow.

The Australian Government is encouraging businesses and other organisations to become a part of the New Colombo Plan. By offering internships and mentorships overseas, your organisation will help develop graduates with the skills and experience needed to do business internationally and join the future of Australia's engagement with our neighbours.

By offering internships and mentorships, organisations benefit by:

  • harnessing the skills of talented young Australians
  • accessing graduates who may be valuable future employees, volunteers and supporters
  • building awareness of the organisation's objectives, challenges and work environment
  • developing a workforce with the experience needed to work with the Indo-Pacific, and
  • joining the future of Australia's engagement with our neighbours.

Organisations can register their interest online by visiting the NCP Internship and Mentorship Website.

New Colombo Plan logo


DFAT recruits both graduates and non-graduates for a range of positions . The Department offers a varied and challenging career advancing Australia's international political, economic, consular and security interests.

The Northern Territory Office does not recruit employees directly and there are no opportunities for work experience within the office.

Other services

Visits, events and business briefings

Contact us

Document legalisation bookings and enquiries: Notarial services in Australia | Smartraveller

Darwin Passport Office Email:

Northern Territory Office Email:

Phone : (08) 8982 4199

Fax: (08) 8982 4155

Northern Territory Office
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
GPO Box 1910
Darwin NT 0801

Level 7, TCG Centre
80 Mitchell Street
Darwin, NT 0800

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