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DFAT supplier engagement

DFAT acknowledges the important role that our delivery partners play in delivering our Official Development Assistance goals. Therefore, we are working towards a collaborative relationship with delivery partners to foster an inclusive, supportive and responsible contracting community.

The DFAT Aid Business Engagement Section works collaboratively with our suppliers.

  • We provide up to date information on LinkedIn.
  • We are a point of contact for industry on ideas and issues
  • We provide info sessions on different topics throughout the year.

DFAT Supplier Engagement Newsletters

Read the latest DFAT Supplier Engagement Newsletters

DFAT Supplier Network LinkedIn Group

DFAT Supplier Network LinkedIn Group provides current and interested suppliers with information on doing business with DFAT, supplier events and current news and updates regarding the Australian Aid Program.


AusConnect is the opportunities portal that providers searchers and suppliers and to find ways to engage with the Australian Aid Program

DFAT Aid Supplier Conference

Initiated in 2017, the DFAT Aid Supplier Conference provides a forum for improved communication between DFAT and suppliers of services to the Australian aid program. It provides aid suppliers with a unique opportunity to network and build on how the Government's development assistance program contributes to Australia's national interest by promoting prosperity, stability and security in our region.

Conference archives

Partner Performance Assessment Ratings Matrix

The Partner Performance Assessment (PPA) ratings matrix provides guidance to agreement managers, to those approving PPAs, and to implementing partners on the allocation of performance ratings against the assessment criteria in PPA. The ratings matrix supports consistency of PPA ratings across the development program. Ratings of 1 to 3 are given for unsatisfactory performance and ratings of 4 and above are given for satisfactory performance.

Adviser Performance Assessments

Adviser performance assessments (APAs) assess how well individual Advisers are delivering the services required in aid agreements over a 12-month period.

Doing Business with DFAT and Understanding DFAT Tender Requirements

Below are the frequently asked questions for our 101 – ‘Doing Business With DFAT’ and our 201 – ‘Understanding DFAT Tender Requirements’ webinars.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please email and follow us on LinkedIn DFAT Supplier Network.

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