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(UPDATED) Pacific Research Program – Call for Proposals

23 May update: Added Addendum 3. All other information released on 31 March 2017 remains unchanged.

16 May update: Added Addendum 2. All other information released on 31 March 2017 remains unchanged.

5 May update: Added Addendum 1. All other information released on 31 March 2017 remains unchanged.

DFAT is inviting proposals for a new four-year Pacific Research Program to fund high-quality, policy-relevant research. The Pacific Research Program will provide $20 million over four years to fund research that is available, accessible and communicated to the policy development and program design community in Australia, the Pacific and from around the world. Research undertaken through the program will focus on the intersection of politics, economy and power with the region's most pressing development challenges. The geographic scope of the program will be the Pacific region as a whole, with Melanesia as an area of particular interest.

DFAT will provide grant funding to an Australia-based research institution (or consortium) to deliver the program. The Program's research agenda will be independent of the Australian Government. The relationship between DFAT and the research institution will be characterised by open, honest dialogue to ensure that the program's research remains relevant to the needs of policy-makers and program designers in Australia, the Pacific region and from around the world.

The Pacific Research Program aims to contribute to the goal of economic resilience, poverty reduction, security and stability in the Pacific region. It will support that goal by contributing to sound policy-making and program design by the Government of Australia and its partner governments and organisations, through the provision of relevant evidence, effectively communicated.

Questions or comments

All questions or comments should be directed to

Final date for questions or comments is 16 May 2017.


  1. Pacific Research Grant Proposal Guideline [PDF 544 KB] [DOCX 55 KB]
  2. Pacific Research Grant Invitation to Submit an Activity Proposal [PDF 600 KB] [DOCX 64 KB]
  3. Pacific Research Grant Agreement DRAFT [PDF 1.3 MB] [DOCX 192 KB]
  4. Pacific Research Grant Program Design [PDF 903 KB] [DOCX 200 KB]
  5. Addendum 1
  6. Addendum 2
  7. Addendum 3 [PDF 65 KB]
Last Updated: 23 May 2017
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