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(UPDATED) New tender: Australia Indonesia Economic Cooperation Partnership

20 September 2017 update: Added 7 attachments and updated content to reflect release of tender.

The Investment Design for a proposed economic governance program in Indonesia – AIECO is provided for the information of the market and prospective tenderers.

The AIECO program seeks to achieve the following:

Program goal

To foster more effective Indonesian economic institutions that contribute to strong, sustainable and inclusive economic growth and public sector performance through:

  1. Strengthened economic institutions
  2. A more transparent and accountable public sector; and
  3. Strengthened linkages between Indonesian and Australian government agencies.

End of program outcome

  1. Improved financial market stability and development
  2. Increased market efficiency
  3. Improved public financial management
  4. Public sector reform
  5. Revenue policy and tax administration reform

Individuals/organisations are reminded that any reference to proposed staffing of the project in the design is indicative only, may change, and may be left to the market to decide what is the optimal approach as part of Tenderer's submissions to the proposed tender.


This information is provided for planning purposes only and it does not represent solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment to purchase or tender for any described services. The scale, scope and focus of proposed program may change at any time and is subject to formal approval before any procurement process will commence. This information is subject to delays, revision or cancellations.

The procurement has been listed on the AusTender website.

Last Updated: 21 September 2017
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